When I say “Platter decorating evening”, many people mistakenly assume that it’s about food being decorated on a plate! Well, these evenings are not all food related, but an evening of creativity that will hopefully nourish the soul!
Platter evenings consist of working in wet clay that has been placed in a platter mold. Decorate your own platter with a design/style of your choice, using stamps to create a pattern, by drawing freely or building out with clay. Chose from different shaped molds from the pictures below – the most popular is the Large platter, which gives a wonderful canvas to work on.
Platter evenings take place at the Collena Ceramics Studio, which is set in a beautiful garden and can seat 10 adults. Bring some friends and create together, or come on your own to make something special! Enjoy your evening with a glass of wine or a drink of your choice and some delicious snacks designed especially by my husband.

coleena ceramics 1   coleena ceramics 2

The next platter evenings will take place:

  • Wednesday 1st November
  • Wednesday 15th November
  • Wednesday 6th December
  • Time:  7 - 10 PM

24 Meyer Street, Claremont, just off of Rosmead Ave.

The cost of the evening is covered by the price of the platter/bowl you chose – see prices below.

Please bring your own drinks.   

coleena ceramics 3

Description                                                                         Prices


Large Platter                                                                      R580
Medium Platter                                                                  R430 


Large Salad Bowl                                                              R470
Salad Bowl                                                                        R370 


Large Server                                                                       R470
Oval Server Large                                                               R470
Oval Server Medium                                                           R400


Extra-large Fruit Bowl                                                           R580
Basin Bowl                                                                            R400 


Oval Dish                                                                               R370
Large Dinner Plate                                                                 R370
Pasta Bowl                                                                             R250 

We all have creative energy – why not guide that into a few hours of fun that will end up with your own bespoke creation!

Contact Colleen Hulley 083 415 3719 / 021 671 4367 | Facebook.com/ColleenaCeramics to book your shape and place.